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The Directory of open access scientific information sources on Coronavirus, created and maintained by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology – Ibict, with the collaboration of the UNESCO Brasília Office, aims to bring together the sources of scientific information in open access, national and international, which makes available content about Coronavirus and COVID-19. In addition to the scientific articles already published and also those that are so recent, they have not yet been published. The Directory gathers research data, clinical trials, theses, dissertations and other materials related to the production of researchers worldwide. The navigation in the Directory is made from the different types of sources raised.

It is a Directory that is constantly updated. The Ibict team is conducting searches for information sources in open access daily. We highlight the valuable collaboration of the Ph.D Research Group Information and Knowledge Management in the Amazon (GICA), led by Ph.D Célia Regina Simonetti Barbalho,  and with Ph.D Danielly Inomata, both from the Federal University of Amazonas.

How is an identification job and access sources of information, we invite everyone to participate, indicating sources that may not yet be listed in this directory. The indication of new sources can be made by email:

It is important to make it clear that the purpose of this Directory is to identify and facilitate access to national and international scientific production related to the Coronavirus. However, it is important to note that not all sources presented here are, in normal situations, open access sources. Many of them, notably the vast majority of them international, are owned by large commercial publishers, who charge high prices for their access. We hope that this moment of global crisis will bring about a definitive change in the scientific communication process. To start with, these commercial publishers, who make astronomical profits from the knowledge generated by researchers from all over the world. It is essential that these commercial publishers reassess their practices and start charging values ​​that, in fact, do not prevent the dynamic and unrestricted dissemination of new scientific knowledge, which results in a faster advance of Science. After all, we cannot forget, and this crisis is reminding us, that Science is a good for all humanity!

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The Directory of open access scientific information sources on Coronavirus aims to gather the sources of national and international scientific information, which provides content on Coronavirus and COVID-19 freely available on the Internet.

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