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Directory of open access scientific information sources on Coronavirus.

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Scientific information sources

Browse through free access scientific information sources to retrieve scientific research and research data available on the topic.

Scientific articles

In this section, one can find information sources referring to scientific articles about Coronavirus and COVID-19.

Theses and dissertations

This section brings portals that gather Theses and Dissertations from various institutions and countries.

Research data

Here there is a list of research data related to COVID-19, stored on the data repositories.

Preprint bases

Preprint is a pre-publication, that is, a scientific article full draft that has not yet been published within a scientific journal.

Scientific information aggregators

Scientific information aggregators are platforms where different types of information sources can be found in a single location.

Reports and evidence

Here there are publications with clinical protocols based on current evidence and that are systematically reviewed.

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The Directory of open access scientific information sources on Coronavirus aims to gather the sources of national and international scientific information, which provides content on Coronavirus and COVID-19 freely available on the Internet.

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